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Extension Building

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Extension Building Services

Transforming your house into your ideal home

When you moved in, your house may have been perfect. It may still be situated in your ideal location, yet a growing family or lifestyle changes may mean it no longer fits your needs. You could move, however, you can get better results, on a lower budget, by opting for a home extension.

Building a house extension is more than simply adding extra rooms. It also provides the opportunity to reconfigure the existing layout. By blocking up doorways, building or removing walls and relocating fixtures, it is possible to create a home that meets all of your requirements.

Home Extensions to Optimise Space

It is common to extend a house at the side, rear or both. Extensions can be single or double storey and may also include a loft or garage conversion. No matter what your plans, a well planned and executed home extension will optimise the available space.

Applying for development for home extensions

Permitted Development means that it is not always necessary to apply for Planning Permission to add to the footprint of your property. The Planning Portal provides detailed information on the exemptions. Please note that any additions to the front of your property will still require planning permission.

As local builders, we have worked on many home extension projects in South Buckinghamshire. We have the expertise to advise you on details including building materials, technical considerations, access and permitted development.

If you would like to find out more about our extension building services, costs and availability, please contact Linear Building Contractors on 07968 392284.

Local Building Services from a trusted builder

Located in Little Chalfont, Linear Building Contractors offers comprehensive extension building services. Far more than laying bricks and mortar, our advice can be invaluable at the initial planning stages.

If you have concerns or the initial plans are proving too costly, our knowledge could inform alternative ways in which you can achieve the desired end result.

You can view examples of our home extensions online and as we are a local builder, you may even be driving past one of our projects on the daily commute!

What you can Expect from Linear’s Building Services

As your local builder, it is important that every time we drive past, we can view your property with pride. In order to achieve this, we are committed to providing quality workmanship and the highest professional standards.

Linear Building Contractors: An Experienced and Fully Qualified Team

We undertake all building services in a considerate and respectful manner. You can trust us to take care of your property, our tools and to clear all debris from the property.

Our aim is to work efficiently in order to complete the project within an agreed timeframe. Having said this, we appreciate that some flexibility may be required to fit in with your plans or the build schedule.

We endeavour to keep you informed on progress and forewarn you of major works to help minimise disruption.

Our team have plenty of experience of working alongside other trade professionals. We can also recommend local contacts if specialist skills are required for any part of the build.

For further information, give us a call on 07968 392284.