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If you are short on space but love where you live, a home extension can be more appealing than moving house.

As Little Chalfont builders, we’ve constructed single and double storey home extensions in Buckinghamshire. Here is our advice to help you decide if adding to the existing footprint of your home is the right option.

Why do you want a Home Extension? 

The first stage is to clarify what the additional space will be used for. This will help to help determine the size and layout that will best suit the intended purpose. Take into account where windows might be positioned in order to optimise natural light, but try not to get drawn into decorative details.

Look at Neighbouring Properties to for Inspiration

If neighbours have had similar home extensions it can help you to visualise how it impacts on the original building. If they allow you to see inside, you can see a potential layout. It also gives an indication of what builds have been approved by your local planning office.

Architects Drawings and Advice are a Valuable Part of the Process

A good architect will listen to your home extension ideas, make suggestions and draw up plans. They can advise you on the process and give information on Permitted Development, Building Regulations and Building Controls. Heed their advice if they identify an issue with your idea which is likely to mean the project is rejected.

Add in the Details for Realistic Builder Quotes

With initial plans drawn up, it is time to add the details. This is particularly important for bathroom and kitchen extension where plumbing, ventilation and electrics need to be planned in.

Quotes from Recommended Local Builders

With detailed plans at hand, you are in a position to approach local builders and ask them to quote for the work. It is advisable to compare at least three building contractor quotes, however, don’t base your decision on the cost alone.

Be Sure to Add Space and Value with a Home Extension

The quotes from local builders will help you decide whether a home extension is a viable option. Whilst you wish to add space, you also need to be sure that you add value to your property. In addition to working out whether the quotes (and contingency funds) are within your budget, it is advisable not to splash out on a grand home extension if you are unlikely to see the costs reflected in the value of your property.

Revising the Building Plans

If the quotes are considerably higher than anticipated, speak to the building contractors. It could be that one or two elements are bumping up the price. A redesign or change in spec might be all it takes to bring it back in line with expectations.

Selecting a Local Builder

You need to feel confident in the workmanship of your building contractor, so request examples of previous projects that are similar to yours. Ask questions and seek recommendations about their building services.

As Little Chalfont builders, Linear Building Contractors can provide a variety of home extension case studies to showcase our services. If you would like to find out more, please contact us on 07968 392284.

Important Points to Discuss with your Builder

Access is an important consideration, as is where deliveries can be stored. It is usual for a skip to be on-site for at least part of the project, so this needs to be factored in. Also, let the builder know if you intend to live in the property whilst work is carried out. A considerate builder will aim to minimise disruption.

Keep Neighbours Informed

It is advisable to speak with your neighbours before commencing work on your home extension. Show them plans, explain which local builders you are using and apologise in advance for the disruption. You are less likely to face opposition if the neighbours are aware and on side.


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