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Loft Conversions

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Loft Conversions

Taking full advantage of available living space

Your home likely has more space than you realize. It’s simply a matter of utilising currently unfinished areas, like your loft. It often happens that as your needs grow, your home becomes a bit cramped.

Fortunately, projects like house extensions or converting a loft to finished living space can significantly increase the available area of your home. And you have several options for doing so.

Types of Loft Conversions

Loft conversions, or attic conversions, can be completed as dormer loft conversions, hip to gable conversions, or full mansard roof rebuilds. Each of these involves different structural changes to the roof and walls. You’ll want to be prepared for the fact that most lofts are not suitable for a straight conversion just as they are.

Some considerations include placing windows, sky lights, or sky tubes for more natural light in the loft space. You may also need to consider plans for a new stairway for easier access to the space.

A Variety of Room Options

What do you put in a finished loft space? Anything you like. People convert their lofts to add a unique bedroom, office space that is secluded from the rest of the household, a home gym with plenty of room for equipment, or even just more accessible storage space compared to an unfinished loft. You could even put a full guest quarters with a kitchen up there.

How Much Do Loft Conversions Cost?

Loft conversions are not a cheap home improvement. They typically require several months to complete. The total cost of your conversion will vary from other conversions because so many factors go into the price, including the size of your home and roof, how many structural changes will need to be made, and how much of the interior work you are contracting for versus doing yourself.

You’ll want to make sure you get an accurate quote before starting work on your loft. Providing as much specific information as possible about what you want from the completed project will give you the best idea of price.

Payment plans are an option.

We Know How to Convert a Loft

Show us your plans, and we can go over all the practicalities with you, making sure your vision comes to life safely and to your satisfaction, as well as following planning permissions. We have experience performing lofts conversions, so your property will be in good hands. We also know when a loft conversion makes sense, and when another option should be considered instead, such as in this example of previous work we performed.

Local Builders

We are a licensed, local company, and we offer full building control for your project. At Linear Building Contractors, we provide a project manager and a team of local builders that follow all building regulations and complete dormer style loft conversions and other types of loft conversion.

Contact our team to talk about loft conversion today. You’ll be delighted in the possibilities.